Virtuoso Surgical Creating the 4th Lane Surgical Robotics Highway – MD+DI Article

Writes Editor-in-Chief Omar Ford in MD+DI, Virtuoso Surgical is going for a “different” segment in surgical robotics than other established players in the space.

While it might be a bit daunting to carve out a strong place in the space, Virtuoso Surgical, a surgical robotics maker, said it stands out from other competitors and is creating a “4th lane on the surgical robotics highway.”


Journal Editor In Chief Highlights Virtuoso System in: ‘Robotic Hysteroscopy: Sounds Crazy, No?’

Virtuoso is the subject of an editorial in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, which concludes “…my excitement is considering the new procedures that we may be able to perform transcervically. This includes treating deep intramural myomas, hysteroscopic suturing, more complete resection of adenomyosis, and alternative therapies for congenital uterine anomalies. I offer my congratulations and encouragement for the authors and developers of this novel robotic technology.”


Virtuoso Surgical’s Innovative Surgical Technology Featured in “MedTech Outlook”

“Virtuoso Surgical: Endoscopic Surgery Reimagined”
MedTech Outlook, July 2020

Virtuoso Surgical’s system replaces single, straight tools in many rigid endoscopic procedures, enabling surgeons to grasp, manipulate, and cut tissues with unparalleled bimanual dexterity. This capability gives surgeons the ability to perform advanced rigid endoscopic surgery – a task often limited by the tool and the surgeon’s experience with it.


Virtuoso Surgical Featured in “MedTech Strategist“ as a Start-Up to Watch for Endoscopic Surgery

Medtech-Strategist“Virtuoso Surgical: Empowering Endoscopic Surgery” by Colin Miller
MedTech Strategist

Colin Miller features Virtuoso Surgical and our minimally invasive robotic surgery system that enables doctors to surpass some of the limitations of traditional endoscopes. The Virtuoso system features a pair of instrument delivery arms made of concentric nitinol tools that mimic a surgeon’s hands to offer unprecedented control, specificity, and variability to a full range of endoscopic applications.