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Virtuoso's endoscopic surgical system delivers two robotically controlled, needle-sized manipulators that work from the tip of a rigid endoscope less than half the diameter of a U.S. dime.

This system replaces straight tools in almost any rigid endoscopic procedure and enables the surgeon to grasp, manipulate, and cut tissue with dexterity unparalleled in rigid endoscopy today.


Revolutionary Control in Endoscopic Procedures

The Virtuoso System brings the stability and dexterity of robot-assisted surgery to rigid endoscopy and promises to improve patient outcomes by providing surgeons better control of their instruments during difficult procedures.

The Virtuoso System reduces the need for awkward and potentially dangerous endoscope movements and enables the surgeon to manipulate tissue as though their hands were inside the body.

What makes Virtuoso’s manipulators so small yet strong is our patented concentric tube robot concept.

Each needle-sized manipulator is made from curved nitinol tubes that controllably bend as they twist and telescopically extend.


Dramatically smaller robotic instruments

Virtuoso has designed manipulators that are many times smaller than other robotic surgical instruments. This enables the surgeon to fit tools into previously unreachable areas of the body and paves the way for new therapies, all through a single port that is less than one centimeter in diameter.

A standard endoscope, but better

Rigid endoscopes are currently used in almost every area of surgery, including neurologic, thoracic, orthopedic, urologic, and gynecologic procedures. The Virtuoso system enhances the traditional rigid endoscope by providing dexterous, robotic tools without disrupting the operating room workflow.

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