Virtuoso System Completes Central-Airway Cadaver Experiments

Virtuoso Surgical received funding from the National Institutes of Health to conduct experiments using the Virtuoso System to approach lesions, including cancerous blockages, of the trachea. The final experiments were a success, demonstrating clear benefits of the Virtuoso System for removing cancerous blockages from the trachea.

Virtuoso System Meets First “Design Freeze” Milestone

The Virtuoso System has four main sub-components: the Surgeon Input Device, the Surgeon Workstation, the Endoscope/Motorpack, and the System Holding Arm. The first sub-component to reach “design freeze” is the Surgeon Input Device. Having the sub-component meet design freeze means that it is ready for final fabrication, testing, and submission to the Food & Drug Administration for approval. The remaining three sub-components are expected to reach their design-freeze milestones by the end of 2022.

Dr. Duke Herrell Presents the Virtuoso System to Venture Capital Companies at Venture Summit/West

Dr. Herrell presented the Virtuoso System to venture-capital investors at the invitation of the Wilson Sonsini law firm. Venture Summit/West, a nationally recognized venture-capital conference held annually in Silicon Valley, hosted Dr. Herrell for his investor presentation. The reception of the audience was extremely positive, opening up further discussions between the Company and a number of potential backers.

First Public Demonstration of the Virtuoso System Occurs at the AUA Annual Meeting

The Virtuoso System was publicly demonstrated for the first time at the 2022 annual meeting of the American Urological Association, which is the nations leading association of Urologists. The conference, held in New Orleans, hosted a demonstration of the Virtuoso’s “Bach” prototype. Hundreds of urologists stopped by Virtuoso’s booth and the response was overwhelmingly favorable to the demonstration of Bach in action.

S. Duke Herrell, MD, Assumes Role as Interim CEO at Virtuoso Surgical

Dr. Herrell, an internationally recognized expert in medical device innovation, development of new surgical techniques, and robotic surgical technology, has served as founder and CMO of Virtuoso since helping found the company in 2016. He has taken leave from his busy clinical practice as a renowned robotic and minimally invasive urologic surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  Dr. Herrell will lead capital raising, continue to contribute to robotic system development, develop clinical advisory groups, and oversee plans for regulatory approval studies.

Virtuoso Completes First Live Animal Surgery

The Virtuoso System was used in Atlanta, Georgia, to perform experiments on a live sow. The sow’s uterus is an excellent live model for simulating a human uterus as well as the human bladder, particularly for evaluating the Virtuoso System’s ability to perform precise dissection, tissue retraction, and control of bleeding. The system performed well and demonstrated an excellent ability to stop intra-operative bleeding.

Journal Editor In Chief Highlights Virtuoso System in: ‘Robotic Hysteroscopy: Sounds Crazy, No?’

Virtuoso is the subject of an editorial in the Journal of Minimally Invasive Gynecology, which concludes “…my excitement is considering the new procedures that we may be able to perform transcervically. This includes treating deep intramural myomas, hysteroscopic suturing, more complete resection of adenomyosis, and alternative therapies for congenital uterine anomalies. I offer my congratulations and encouragement for the authors and developers of this novel robotic technology.”


Virtuoso Surgical’s Innovative Surgical Technology Featured in “MedTech Outlook”

“Virtuoso Surgical: Endoscopic Surgery Reimagined”
MedTech Outlook, July 2020

Virtuoso Surgical’s system replaces single, straight tools in many rigid endoscopic procedures, enabling surgeons to grasp, manipulate, and cut tissues with unparalleled bimanual dexterity. This capability gives surgeons the ability to perform advanced rigid endoscopic surgery – a task often limited by the tool and the surgeon’s experience with it.


Virtuoso Surgical Announces Initial Public Offering to Advance its Groundbreaking Robotic System for Endoscopic Surgery

Virtuoso Surgical, Inc., a Nashville-based medical device company, announced today that its $20 million stock offering has become effective after review by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority.

Virtuoso Surgical has developed a robotic surgery system that radically improves minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. Virtuoso uses patented technology developed by the Company’s founders at Johns Hopkins University and Vanderbilt University with funding from the National Institutes of Health.

The Virtuoso system features a pair of instrument delivery arms made of concentric nitinol tools that mimic a surgeon’s hands to offer unprecedented control and dexterity to a full range of rigid endoscopic surgeries. Virtuoso’s robotic manipulators are the size of a needle, or nearly 10 times smaller than other state-of-the-art robotic instruments.

Virtuoso’s offering is made under SEC Regulation A, Tier 2, which means that any U.S. person can invest in the Company. The offering is for the sale of Class A preferred stock, which is intended to protect investors from follow-on dilution while generating potential returns comparable to historic venture capital portfolio investments.

Virtuoso Surgical operates at the intersection of robotics and minimally invasive surgery. Rigid endoscopy is the oldest, largest, and most mature segment of minimally invasive surgery, with an annual global market size of approximately $20 billion.

“Virtuoso Surgical was founded to make minimally invasive surgery more effective by providing surgeons with dexterous, accurate, and cost-effective tools for rigid endoscopes,” stated Robert J. Webster, III, PhD, Co-Founder and President. “We are not aware of any technology that accomplishes the precision and force of the Virtuoso device for operation through standard rigid endoscopes.”

Webster continued, “We believe that nearly all surgical procedures currently attempted with a rigid endoscope stand to benefit from our platform technology. We anticipate that this advanced technology will enable new procedures and surgical techniques while improving many existing procedures and techniques.”

The Virtuoso technology is built on over 10 years of innovation in academic labs. Rigid endoscopes are currently used in almost every area of surgery, including neurologic, thoracic, orthopedic, urologic, and gynecologic procedures. The Company is actively developing and testing the system for numerous endoscopic applications.

Virtuoso’s team of internationally recognized clinical and engineering experts include Dr. Webster, who developed the technology in collaboration with Duke Herrell, MD, a urological surgeon and Virtuoso’s Chief Medical Officer, and Richard Hendrick, PhD, Chief Operating Officer. Drs. Webster and Herrell, along with others, co-founded the Vanderbilt Institute for Surgery and Engineering (VISE). Mark Pickrell serves as Chief Administrative Officer and General Counsel of Virtuoso.

About Virtuoso Surgical

Virtuoso Surgical has developed a groundbreaking robotic surgery system that radically improves minimally invasive endoscopic surgery. The Virtuoso system features a pair of instrument delivery arms made of concentric nitinol tools that mimic a surgeon’s hands to offer unprecedented control and dexterity to a full range of endoscopic applications. The system uses patented technology developed by Virtuoso’s founders at Johns Hopkins University and Vanderbilt University with funding from the National Institutes of Health. For additional information about Virtuoso, visit